Avenue, By Noah Tepperberg And Team Strategic Almost Ready To Open Its Doors On Tenth Avenue

by Rachelle Hruska · May 27, 2009

    [Inside look at the old space-Earth] Last fall, everyone was talking about Noah Tepperberg and his plan to resurrect "Earth." the "eyesore on Tenth Avenue" into a new high-end restaurant-lounge, Avenue.  Well, it's almost time for Avenue to open it's doors, with soft launchings happening in the coming week/s (time flies doesn't it?) "This is good news for those seeking a fashionable bite to eat far from the maddening crowds." Says nightlife guru Steve Lewis.  It's also a welcome change from our Hamptons coverage. 

    Take a peek at the proposed menu from last night HERE, and stay tuned on any changes or new news we recieve on this venue.  We are all excited to see what Noah's done with the place.