Inside Nello Summertimes: The $27 Cocktail Makes A Comeback

by KENDRA SEAY · May 29, 2009

    [Photos via Rob Rich] Summertime feasting, patio lounging, and vino sipping has officially returned to Nello so head to Southampton, order a $27 cocktail (or the affordable $18 bellini), and "Tell Nello You're Here." Last Saturday, the Italian eatery celebrated Memorial Day Weekend playing host to Hamptonite-scenesters who opted for an evening of spending at the notoriously expensive restaurant to ring in the summer. Guests included the likes of Elizabeth Fekkai, Bobby Hernreich, Ron Burkhardt, Jenny Norberg, and even Nello Balan. More pictures from inside Nello Summertimes below...

    Nello Balan

    Jenny Norberg

    Elizabeth Fekkai

    Matt Adel


    Bobby Hernreich, Ron Burkhardt