Nick Cannon Rocks Our Worlds (Kind Of) At Axe Lounge Last Friday, And Their DJ Line-UP For June

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 2, 2009

    Nick Cannon was set to DJ at AXE Lounge last Friday night, and while we were excited to interview the former Nickelodeon child star in person (once our questions had been approved and edited by his publicist, of course), I think I was more enthralled to try and get a peek of Mariah. However, we ran into a little glitch upon arriving at AXE Lounge (Dune), and it wasn't a hazy cloud of the men's body spray like our initial fear had been. Being true New Yorkers, we were slightly unprepared for the parking situation. $30 for valet? Um... combined I think we had $11 on us. (And no, they didn't take Mastercard. We asked.) After heading to the 7/11 all the way down the street and back, we were parked and ready to go only to find out I missed my very short time bubble Cannon's publicist was allowing for interviews. Drats. We did get to hear what Cannon had to offer on the turntable - er, on his Mac - and in terms of DJing....

    He was offering a good mix of Top 40s. We were able to snap a couple pics, despite a herd of body-gaurds around him. Really? Was that necessary? Because Mariah wasn't even there. We can't imagine the kind of security they would have had if she had been. Half the club patrons wouldn't have been able to fit on the already crowded dance floor. This being our first time actually in the winner of our poll for Top Memorial Day Hot-Spot, we were ready to check out what all the hype was about. And we were... eh, well, you know... it's a night club. No one was utilizing the back space so maybe on a different night it's a different story, but there was little to no dancing room, and I swear we could smell AXE on some of the guys rocking chains and slicked back hair. Regardless, the hot female bartenders looked to be sporting sexy raw silk rompers, and the crowd seemed very excited to hear what Mariah's hubby had to play. Still, we're a little confused about the camera taping the crowd in the middle of the dance floor and the lack of line outside the door? Maybe things will be a different story for other DJs expected this June (below). We were lucky enough to get the line-up. So if you don't mind a little bit of sex panther cologne, do as we did and check out the alleged Memorial Day top hot-spot for yourself. Let us know if you can clear up any of our confusion...

    JUNE DJ Line-UP For AXE Lounge

    JUNE 2nd: dj berrie

    JUNE 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th: DJ Cassidy

    JUNE 19th: Liv invades AXE lounge dj Rukus

    JUNE 20th: Liv invades Axe Lounge Dj ronnie syklie

    We want to say a big thank you to Amanda Mitchell, who was on top of things the entire time!