Who Won First Place For Top Memorial Day Weekend Hot-Spot? The Results Are In!

by KENDRA SEAY · May 29, 2009

    Our party-going GofG Hamptons readers have voted (582 of you to be exact!) and the winner has officially been decided. First place with 38% of the votes goes to (da da da da da drum roll please).... the man-spray-loving Team AXE! Really? AXE?! Guess all that musky guy perfume is working in their favor and attracting the masses. Team Day and Night and Team Harbor Club followed close behind staying neck and neck all week, which comes as no surprise since these two kept the party going all weekend from start to finish. And even though Harbor Club is no longer, we will not be forfeiting their third place position. It's not their fault they gained so much popularity during their opening weekend that they had to move their party to a larger space. More results below and don't forget to check out our weekend guide for this weekend!

    Team Lily Pond came next followed by Team Georgica, Team Surf Club and finally the fist-pumping frat party that is Team Neptunes battled to the finish with 1% of the votes. Dear Team Neptunes, we are going to scour the East End in search of the 5 people who voted for you.