Scott Does St. Jude's, Girl Talk, The Gates, And The Griffin

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · May 29, 2009

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    Last night I attended the St. Jude's Chocolat au Vin Event at Capitale. My date was Grace Gomez Brea. The event was hosted by Kristin Davis and featured a performance by legend Tony Bennett. Somehow we were seated feet away from the stage and we were treated to an over hour long concert by the amazing performer. After a while the crowd started to get restless and talk and Tony made clear his displeasure! He dedicated the Good Life to Britney Spears and sang his last song acapella. It was amazing. Others experiencing the event included Cuba Gooding Sr., Kelly Brady, Reynaldo Davis, Vincent Gelani, Connor Paolo and our table mate, Tony Sirico, Paulie Walnuts of the Sopranos.

    After we headed to the Spin Magazine party, thrown by nightlife diva Taylor Choi. The party also served as a birthday celebration for Martin Dawson. Others reveling included Chris Brady, Justin Shaffer, Sarah Basile, Dalia Oberlander, Ali Puliti and William Heath. After a quick walk through we headed to our next stop, The Gates.

    The Gates was hosting the Stylecaster party and though we missed the majority of it we caught up with Redd Stylez and Cristina Civetta who brought us up to speed.

    Our final stop of the night was the Griffin for our good friend Adis Gutic's birthday bash. We were joined by his best friends Eren Pamir, Connor McCreedy, Anela Gutic, Jackie Marie, Tyler. We had the last of our many drinks and then bid adieu. another great, long night.