SL EastDay & Night [From top: SL_East, Day & Night, Surf Lodge]

This weekend, the NYTimes posted a story on how the Hamptons Beaches are loosing their exclusivity. What could be the main cause? Was it the new Cannonball express train service? The day drinking allowed on the beaches? The abundance of sharehouses sprouting up each year? Probably all of the above, but the sun isn't the only thing driving out these Hampsters and share-housers in thrones. Everyone knows that a majority of these folks are flocking out east to try to find their summer flings, and that usually happens when the sun goes down. This weekend, we got our first taste of Hamptons Nightlife and it was pretty sweet raunchy.   From Day & Night's day champagne-ing to Pink Elephant's raucous return, this weekend's parties proved that there will be no shortage of Hamptons activity - from early morning to, well, the next early morning - this summer.  Dive into summer with these photos, featuring everything from DJ sets to debauchery along the dunes!