Pink Elephant, Hamptons outpost

There's an elephant in the room... and it's pink! Alert the Hampsters! The Patrick Bateman worshiping hedgies are back to reclaim their Hamptons territory! Before closing in 2009 amidst debt and debauchery, Pink Elephant was a favorite Hamptons nightlife spot for the bottle service type crowds, (not to mention a favorite of ours for the vibrant photo ops it provided), and this summer, it's back - scent machines, pink confetti, sparkling champagne, and all! As we confirmed last week, this hotspot will be relocating from its original home at The Capri Hotel in Southampton to the same building as SL East in East Hampton. Does this have something to do with a rising real estate market? Who knows, but to celebrate the news, we've rounded up some of our favorite moments from Pink Elephant's Southampton outpost.  

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