Summer Partying: See You At AXE Lounge Betches!

by Maggie McGlinchy · May 25, 2011

    Get your party on at AXE Lounge this summer with it's new design! Matt Shendell's Paige Management Group (think Ainsworth) has come back with a cool look that will be sure to make you want to get rowdy this summer.

    The thing is, I'm gonna need to get my Jersey Shore fix somehow and hopefully AXE Lounge can hook me up. They are definitely the number one location for fist pumping (the only thing I know how to pump, mind you NJ doesn't let me pump my own gas). They recently got a face lift and it looks quite svelte.

    Check out the purple lighting theme going on here...

    Not too shabby, eh? The real queston is: Will we be allowed to keep on bottle poppin' with all the new decor?!

    What we do know is that the fist pumpers will make their triumphant return and we will be there to celebrate!