Come Fall In Love Tonight At The Return of NIGHTSWIM!

by Emily Green · May 25, 2011

    After enduring this long and cruel L.A. winter, summer is just about here and with it, our favorite weekly party makes its highly anticipated return TONIGHT and we have a feeling it's going to be on fuego. Ladies and degenerates, Nightswim is back for 2011, and we have the 411 on what to expect and some flashbacks from last summer to help remind you why you should be PUMPED.

    Tonight, iSHOWMYSELF leads us into a summer of Nightswims, and just like special guest DJs like Thom Yorke and Questlove last year, we'll have plenty of impromptu midnight dips and surprises to look forward to. As one-third of the iSHOWMYSELF camp and veteran Nightswim DJ/ambassador, Nick Foster explains,

    "Will [Crimes] & I are holding it down for a second summer and are going to 2X our awesome. You can expect the usual surprise dj's, a new sound system, so the pool is going to sound better than ever. We'll have pop up shops in room 100 all summer. Also, Chris Holmes is bringing back his famous underwater photobooth."

    Sounds like the makings of a summer to remember. Are you ready? Don't feel like you're not because you've yet to get your sun-kissed summer tan in check. It's dark so the sun reflecting off your pasty legs to blind those around you won't be an issue, plus alcohol makes everyone look awesome. Free your mind and your ass will follow (into the pool). And, as Nick added,

    "Everybody loves Nightswim, it's the best party in L.A. (year round). Everybody also knows the pool is the best place in Los Angeles to fall in love."

    It's never too early to start scouting your summer fling prospects, so come out to Nightswim at Tropicana tonight, and maybe even fall in love.

    And just to jog your memory of what Nightswim was all about last year, a collection of some of our favorite moments:

    Nick Foster, Will Crimes


    Thom Yorke