NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Tuesday!

by Mara Siegler · May 24, 2011

    Nude Gaming parties; a mysterious party on Avenue B; salvation for Max Fish; a new bar planned from Michael Lomonac; a dancing man in Staten Island and more! Today's nightlife round up just wants to shake it!

    1. This Can NOT Be Real, But It Is Funny: Nude Gaming [Gothamist]

    Gothamist received a video about nude gaming parties going on in NYC.  It's gotta be a campaign for sponsor Xtend Play, but it's pretty great, regardless.

    "I think there's a misconception about gamers that we're all just living in isolation, we're creepy, living in our mother's basement, but I don't think that's true...through these nude gaming events we can all just connect," says nude gamer Lisa. And party host Carlos adds, "This is our third nude gaming event this year!" How else are these nerds gonna get laid, after all?

    2. Mysterious Ave B Party Spot? [EVGrieve]

    Is there a new underground party at Le Souk? EV Grieve spotted crowds, bouncers, and party buses. Anyone know anything?

    3. Max Fish Signs Longer Lease? [Curbed] [Image via]

    Tipsters are telling Curbed that Max Fish, who is struggling with rent and planning to move in less than a year,  is in contract to developer Serge Hoyda and will get a longer lease as a result. Could it be true? Is Max Fish LES saved?

    4. Michael Lomonaco To Open Center Bar [Grubstreet]

    Michael Lomonaco is planning to open a wine bar this October at the Time Warner Center. It will be housed in the open atrium space adjacent to his Porter House restaurant. The joint will serve small plates, along with wine, Champagne, and cocktails. It's tentatively called Center Bar and should be open by October.

    5. Staten Island Dancing Man [VV}

    OK, so this isn't really nightlife, but it is awesome. This guy dances around Staten Island for what is apparently the entire day. There are currently two Facebook fan pages for the local celebrity: "The Dancing Black Man of Staten Island" and "The happy guy who frolics around Staten Island."