"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Degenerate Hipsters Invade Yacht Club

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 4, 2010

    [Photos by K.Doran for Rob Rich]

    Yacht Clubs, like Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Tennis Clubs... almost any private clubs (besides gentlemen's), have a certain reputation to uphold.

    One expects parties at such refined establishments to be populated by Manhattan-drinking, blazer-wearing aristocrats: generally the only people who

    1. Own yachts and

    2. Can afford those pesky $10K initiation fees.

    Not so at the Montauk Yacht Club, which hosted hipster brand DON Clothing's summer release party last Saturday, May 29th. The party, ingeniously dubbed "MYC meets NYC", continues this Saturday. Last week's guests did not adhere to the traditional yacht club dress code...

    Or standards of decorum...

    Or yachting community norms in general. In fact they were a despicable bunch of hoodlums. But they had fun!