The Elm Promises To "Shake Up" Hamptons Nightlife, Makes Music Video To Get People Pumped

by Chelsea Burcz · May 26, 2011

    Mark Baker thinks the Hamptons nightlife scene is too full of boring summer share housers, and is on mission to change his perception. Among this summer's nightlife metamorphosis occurring out East, Baker (co-owner of The Double Seven) has set up shop in a former Polish Hall in Southampton with his latest venture, The Elm. "Think of it as something like The Jane or Rose Bar, a place to have a nice dinner and drinks after. It's sophisticated chic," said Baker.The venue will have an open area upstairs, with a capacity for about 700 people, and a downstairs with feeling of a swanky lounge. Baker has partnered with Rocco Ancarola, Day & Night brunch creators Derek and Daniel Koch, and nightlife veterans Yura Shabetayev and Dave Sherman on his new venture, and promises not to disappoint.

    Baker is also working on throwing parties at Gurney's Inn beach in Montauk this summer on the Sundays of the big three summer holidays, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Baker reminisces about the summer beach party, a fad, he says, back in 1995. He hopes to revive those good party vibes with DJ's, live music performances, skateboarders, surfers, volleyball players, BBQs, frozen cocktails, and of course, brunch.

    We're gonna party like it's 1995 [via]

    Baker's "over it" attitude is similar to his sentiments towards NYC nightlife this past winter and his answer with The Double Seven.

    Baker is so sure he will breathe the new life into the Hamptons that he made a music video to promote the opening of The Elm, chock full of beautiful people getting to the Hamptons by "any means necessary":