Oh, Whatup Summer? Nightswim Is Back!

by Emily Green · May 25, 2011

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    You know that collective energy the first day back to school always had after summer break, where everyone's really happy to see each other (or at least doing an awesome job pretending) and eager to meet new faces? That was the general vibe last night at the first Nightswim of the year despite most having last seen one another within days at Hemingway's/Paul & Andre/Trousdale/some hipster shit.

    The weekly summer pool(side) party at Tropicana finally made its long awaited return last night and brought us back to why we fell in love with it in the first place. Sure, it was a godless 55° L.A. night and not exactly ideal weather for such an occasion, but everyone was just like "whatevs" about it and perfectly content spending their night at a pool party without any swimming. Wait, that's a lie, I did see one dude having a blast splashing around in the pool by himself. Daps to you, solo swimmer, for being that guy. If you're reading this, maybe we'll join your party if you give us some of whatever you're on next time we see you.

    On top of the music being on point and the crowd feeling particularly swell due to the revival of its favorite summer party, the bartenders seriously murdered it last night with their take-no-prisoners approach, which, if you made it out, probably left you with an unforgettable parting gift this morning. Should you have any doubts that Nightswim might not live up to its glorious past, last night was a definite indicator that you have nothing to worry about and it's about to be a beautiful summer.