This Southampton Hot Spot Just Got Its Liquor License Suspended...

by Stephanie Maida · September 1, 2020

    As the hospitality industry continues to navigate the murky regulations allowing for establishments to salvage whatever they can of their business during the pandemic, Governor Cuomo is leading the charge on crackdowns where the rules have been violated. 

    Over the weekend, Cuomo announced that six more establishments have had their state liquor licenses suspended, including Southampton hot spot Blu Mar. On Saturday, per reports, investigators from the state's multi-agency task force and Suffolk County Sheriff's Department "observed a line of patrons waiting to enter the establishment while ignoring social distancing, and 11 patrons standing and drinking on the patio." According to Cuomo, multiple patrons and staff members were also seen without face coverings.

    And it's not the first time the Main Street staple has gotten into trouble. On August 16th, it was recorded that the restaurant was operating as a nightclub, complete with DJs, dancing, an "exotic" performer, and, of course, absolutely no regard for social-distancing or mask-wearing rules. Without alcohol, we guess parties there will be put on hold for a while now.

    In response to the citation, Blu Mar took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a rather passive aggressive reminder about COVID safety precautions, complete with the caption, "We must follow rules to get rid of this stupid virus.""... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    We must follow rules to get rid of this stupid virus
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    While we have to say it sucks that some businesses are getting in trouble for the actions of their patrons, letting rule-breakers slide really isn't fair to the establishments taking extreme care to keep everybody safe, even at the risk of their profits. 

    "The vast majority of bar owners continue to take this public health emergency seriously, but my message to the small number who openly flout the rules is simple: We will not tolerate you putting yourselves, your customers, your employees, your neighbors, and our reopening at risk," said Cuomo. 

    Lesson, hopefully, learned.

    [Photo via @blumarhamptons]