How To Get In Touch With Our Beautiful Hamptons Writers...Don't Be Shy!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 5, 2009

    [Kristin Luciano and Theresa Won] Guess what? We aren't just a website over here, we're made up of real people! Kristin and Theresa, along with Carson and Kendra are living in the Hamptons 24/7 all summer long, and they would love to hear from you! Want to take them to dinner? Show them your new favorite store, or just get some words of wisdom from them? Don't be shy. Email them! Email (our busy bee) to set something up!

    They need guides to show them where to be and what to do all summer long, and unfortunately, I have to look after Stanley in NYC during the week--dogs can be so needy! So, I need your help!