It's Cool To Spend Again...And We'll Show You How

by BRITTA LOFGREN · May 28, 2010

    Recession shmecession, we're sick and tired of staying home, twiddling our thumbs while our hard-earned cash lies in the bank making .0001% interest.  Well have no fear, according to the experts (i.e. NY Mag), it is once again cool to shamelessly flaunt your wealth!  Buy that gold sparkly dress, take that extravagant helicopter ride, and rent that $50M home!  In case you need more ideas, here are some of the Best $2K we've spent throughout our years in the Hamptons:

    Start Summer Off With a Bang

    [Photo via BlogHamptons] Last year we celebrated the final weekend of the summer at the AXE-tastic Dune Southampton.  Why not get a head start this year and start off the summer fun with a night here?


     ["Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Saying Goodbye To Dune..]-

    Throw a Surprise Birthday Party!

    We promise we won't just make this a list of different parties to host at Dune.  But we'd have to say, one of the better Hamptons hurrays we've thrown was for our very own Carson Griffith. Birthdays are always a good excuse to spend money.

    ["Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Surprise! It's Your Birthday And We're Taking You To Dune!]

    Take Your Mama Out All Night

    Hey, sometimes mom and pop want to party like it's 1975 once in a while...who says you're only young once?!

    ["Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Babysitting Your Parents For A Night Out In The Hamptons]


    Call the Copter

    Helicopters are a great way to show status, and really, who spend hours upon hours in traffic on the LIE when you could get to the same destination in only 45 minutes?  Plebeians, that's who.

    ["Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Ventura Helicopter Ride To The Hamptons]


    Throw a Backyard BBQ

    [Photo by Kirill]  You'll get props for having a nice backyard (that takes money!)  And even more props for owning that nice backyard (that takes every more money!)  Invite a couple hundred of your closest friends, fire up the grill - or better yet, get someone else to do that for you - and you've got yourself a classic Hamptons yard party.

    ["Best $2k I Ever Spent!" 4th Of July Backyard Hamptons Party In Watermill]


    As always, follow us this summer as we find even better ways to spend that $2k without having to resort to actually showering yourself in dollar bills.  Starting with this weekend...