Never Feel 'Gilty' For Getting Great Deals: Gilt City Comes To The Hamptons

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · June 29, 2010

    The best things in life may be free, but the next best are usually far from it. That's all changing with the rise of Gilt Groupe and now, Gilt City, and the way the websites are changing your ability to shop, eat, drink, and travel for much more affordable prices. Anyone with a computer and internet connection is now privy to some of the greatest deals in the most luxurious spots in NYC & the Hamptons. Gilt Groupe is an invitation only online shopping venue, where designer clothing (we're talking everything from Chloe, to Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Ronson, and more) is discounted astronomically and available to all members. The sales start and end at specified times (checking your email is a must!) because prices this good never last very long.

    Stemming from Gilt Groupe is Gilt City, a sister website that offers discounts on gyms, restaurants, clubs, cruises, and much more throughout the five boroughs in NYC. But now that it's summer, Gilt City has begun to offer new and exciting deals for those leaving the concrete jungle and summering out East.

    Some of the simply divine deals that Gilt City is offering in the Hamptons include:

    Exclusive Access to Tracy Anderson's East Hampton Studio

    20% off juice cleanses at Organic Southampton

    33% off VIP access to Bridgehampton Polo Matches

    37% off a Blue Star Jet charter to the Hamptons

    30% off a Hampton Ambassador Luxury Coach

    These are just the most recent and enticing deals that Gilt City is offering up to anyone who wants to be a part of the Hamptons this summer. And even if you already call the East End home, there's no reason not to save a few $$ when indulging in your next weekend activity.

    Visit Gilt City and Gilt Groupe to learn more about these amazing online discount venues!

    [Photo via Gilt City]