Signature GofG Hamptons Cocktail: The Popped Collar

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 1, 2009

    Our friends over at the Combier team created a drink specifically for our readers (and for us, obviously - you know how we love our cocktails) in honor of the Hamptons and the world's first Triple Sec arriving in New York City. Light and refreshing, it's full of fun flavors you probably won't find yourself sipping past Labor Day. We think the name, "The Popped Collar", is right on the money too, considering it's made up of pretty colored juices and liqueur that match perfectly with the pastel polos you find out in the Hamptons over the summer. So sit back, relax, and mix up this delicious treat in honor of the weather, the weekend and the summer - even if you aren't one to pop that collar high in the air.

    The Popped Collar 1 ½ oz white rum ½ oz Combier Liqueur d'Orange 1 ½ oz pineapple juice ¼ oz lime juice ¼ oz grenadine Splash of simple syrup * Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a martini glass. No garnish needed.