William Heath's Lilybug Scooter Company, Gives Back While Getting Us All Home Safely

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 29, 2009

    [William Heath, founder of Lilybug Scooters] Last night I had the pleasure of meeting William Heath. We were both helping Martin Dawson ring in his 27th year of life at the SPIN Magazine party, and later checked out Noah Tepperberg's newest spot, Avenue. And, on the walk over to Avenue, William told me all about his company, one which we wrote about on this site last year; Lilybug Scooters. I learned some new things about the company that I've always thought was the cleverest of ideas.  William's really close friend (a girl) was tragically killed by a drunk driver, and he started the company in her name.

    That's not even the coolest part.  The company's profits go to family's who have lost children to drunken drivers and to MADD!  Kudos to William Heath. Besides this impressive company he built from the ground up, he is also a really fun guy to hang out with.

    I asked Theresa to write more about the company which is below:

    We've all been there.  After a raucous night out with friends, you stumble into the parking lot and start digging around your purse or pockets for your car keys.  Hold on!  You're about to break the law in a major way.  Scoot your drunk self over, and make way for the Lilybug scooters that are taking over the Hamptons this year, as they have done in the past.  A safe and reasonable alternative, Lilybug is a service which offers a fully-insured driver to come and pick you and your friends up from whatever hotspot you've hit that night.

    They send a driver on a folding scooter which can be stored in your trunk and that the Lilybug rides away on after safely dispensing you and your party posse at home.  Make smart decisions this summer, instead of risking racking up a DUI on Montauk highway, or worse, putting yourself and others at fatal danger.  Starting at just $30, this service will ensure that you fully and safely enjoy those hot summer nights and wake up to swap war stories over brunch the next day.