The London Look: Valerie Macaulay

by Guest of A Guest · June 17, 2024

    A fashionably familiar face on New York's scene, Valerie Macaulay's taken a transatlantic turn as of late, jetting between life in London with her family and her work stateside as Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the cult favorite brand La Ligne. It's a chic slog, yes, but talk about the best of both worlds!

    Curious where you'll find this Londoner out and about, what store she's hitting for an afternoon of shopping or where she heads for a cheap cultural thrill?

    Where are you from originally?
    New York City. 

    What brought you to London?
    My husband is English and we always knew we would eventually settle here even though we met while we were both living in New York. 

    How long have you been here?
    Almost two years.

    What neighborhood do you call home?
    Brook Green.

    What's your job?
    Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for La Ligne.

    What do you actually do all day?
    Since I work New York hours, the mornings are usually spent with my eight month old until I start my meetings on Zoom that can last well after the kids have gone to sleep. I do a lot of fittings remotely, sketch reviews and color conversations from afar, but I travel back to New York almost every six weeks to oversee the collection. 

    Social smoker?

    Go-to pint?
    Sadly, I have not been able to embrace ale culture since living in the UK, but I do love a pub!

    Crisp of choice?
    Tyrell's Posh Prawn Cocktail Chips are weird but addictive. 

    Preferred pub?
    The Queens Head in Brook Green.

    What's worth the wait?
    A Queen’s Club membership.

    Tube or Boris bike?
    Neither, I prefer the bus if I can get there directly.

    Tesco or Sainsbury's?

    Weekend getaway trip?
    Beaverbrook in Surrey or The Newt in Somerset.

    Favorite restaurant?
    Sumi in Notting Hill.

    Marmite or marmalade?

    British stereotype that rings true?
    They do apologize a lot. 

    How do you take your tea?
    Milk, no sugar. 

    Most British thing about you?
    I love a uniform.

    Least British thing about you?
    My accent.

    Remedy for a rainy day?
    A long pub lunch.

    First thing you miss when you leave London?
    Britsh humour.  

    Private Members Clubs - yay or nay?

    Where in town are you almost always?

    Best place for a fun night out?
    The 22.

    How would you describe your style?
    Tailored tomboy.

    Top shopping spots?
    Selfridge's and Alex Eagle for myself and La Coqueta for my kids. 

    What's your greatest extravagance?
    Lymphatic drainage massages at The Cellulite Slayer.

    Cheap thrill?
    Head to any number of the free museums like the National Gallery to see major artists' most important works, take a picnic to Primrose Hill and enjoy the view or just hop a ride on the Uber Thames Clipper for a different experience of the city from the river.

    Who's your favorite person in town?
    All my American expats. 

    What's your most overused Briticism?

    Reading anything good at the moment?
    The Forbidden Notebook by Alba de Céspedes.

    What are you most excited for next?
    Carbone to open!

    [Photos by Kirk Truman]