Check Out Barry McGee's Fresh Collection At PRISM Gallery

by Emily Green · May 16, 2012

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    L.A.'s art scene has seriously been rocking these days with shows and events that get the youngens excited. Between Terrywood at OHWOW, Mike D's Transmission LA that gave us a multi-sensory experience with performances by Santigold and Diplo and James Franco's Rebel exhibition we've had a steady flow of fresh and interesting art culture pumping through this town. Barry McGee's new solo show kept that trend rolling as it brought out a packed crowd to PRISM for its opening reception Friday night.

    In his second one-man show for the gallery, street art legend and iconic printmaker Barry McGee debuted his latest body of works at PRISM Friday night. As a graffiti artist who is an esteemed figure in the realm of high art, the event drew a sea of fans that were a combination of veteran art aficionados and the younger crop of skaters and scenesters with an affection for street art. In this new collection, McGee brings a vast multi-media showing that includes paintings of his illustrated characters, black and white photographs of urban scenes, his signature graphic prints made of vibrant colors and even sculpture.

    Although we can't say one particular piece or even medium was our favorite, of note were the motorized wooden sculptures of human figures with arms extended out holding cans of spray paint that moved vertically as if to mimic the motion of a graffiti artist; we really dig the contrast of tribal-like primitive carved statues with such a modern element in the spray paint.

    The new McGee show is a truly impressive range of works that we definitely recommend you check out at some point during its showing at Prism through June 30th.