Abigail Lorick Hosts Gossip Girl Party At The Tribeca Grand Hotel With Her Real Life "Gossip Girl" Friends

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 12, 2009

    [Annabel Vartanian, Timo Weiland, Abigail Lorick]


    Amongst bellinis and a big screen displaying Kelly Rutherford and Brittany Snow at the Tribeca Grand Hotel last night, Abigail Lorick sat in a dress of her own design. The designer and stylist has skyrocketed to fame in the past year, after becoming a costume designer for everyone's favorite show (ok, obsession, and it's not just because of Chuck): Gossip Girl. If you've ever coveted Blair's mom's frocks, you were really wishing for a LORICK dress. More story and photos below... On the topic of last night's episode, Abigail had some definite thoughts on the '80s flashback version of Gossip Girl viewed by the guests. Her friend Maredith Markworth-Pollack styled the LA based part of the episode, which was a pilot for a potential spin-off. She's hoping, for her friend, and the sake of Gossip Girl viewers everywhere, that the pilot is picked up. And while we aren't quite sure sugar sweet Brittany Snow has the acting chops to pull-off a bad girl Lily Rhodes, we could see the potential.

    Back to Abigail - the former Ford model turned fashion maven-  was holding court amongst her fans. And how did someone so young score such a major gig? Abigail was roommates with the assistant stylist for the show - and her designs speak for themselves. So much that the head of her PR, Belle Hahn, was donning another LORICK frock that's worth saving a month's worth of cab money for (those petticoats!). As for the audience at the event? A crowd as stylish as the characters - if not a tad more "downtown". Maybe if Blair really does attend NYU next fall she could try out some of the looks they were sporting? However, I can't really see her giving up her headbands and blazers for vintage tees and fedoras. She could always ask Abigail for advice. Make sure to catch Abigail Lorick's designs at Save Fashion May 22nd. It's your chance to score the same dress that Serena wore on the runway during the tumultuous Blair/Serena cat-fight episode.

    Abigail Lorrick

    Ryan Butler, Belle Hahn

    Abigail Lorick

    Abigail Lorick