Great, Tasty Balls Coming To A Street Near You

by Emily Green · June 28, 2010

    Cue the balls jokes: L.A. will add yet another mobile eatery to its ever-expanding list on Friday with Great Balls On Tires (a.k.a. G-BOT). The truck, as the names suggests, will serve meatballs and other "savory balls of food" for all of you ball-loving folks, as well as provide the city with rich source of endless puns and double entendres. They've already covered some of the more obvious ones like "We've Got Balls" and "Meat Our Balls" slogans emblazoned on their truck.  Ballsy, huh?

    If you think you're "baller" (seriously, that's the word they use on their website), you could be inducted into their Ball of Fame by submitting your ball concept and become the featured Guest Ball. The truck will hit the streets with an inaugural Guest Ball by former Comme Ça chef, Michael David on July 2nd at The Music Box for their big debut.

    Open wide, some yummy balls heading your way!

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