Sorry NYC, In-N-Out Is Still Just For The West Coast

by Emily Green · April 2, 2010

    Those evil geniuses over at College Humor have pulled a classic prank on New Yorkers. In honor of today being the official day for pranksters, the College Humor kids created a whole campaign all over the Big Apple advertising the summer opening of In-N-Out Burger fast-food restaurants. Only denizens of Southern California and Nevada have had the privilege of In-N-Out's being just a short car ride away but anyone who ever travels to these parts inevitably tries it at the insistence of locals and falls in love.  Their burgers and fries are famously delicious and have gained national attention, begging the question of when they would finally expand out east.

    Well, College Humor capitalized and this intrigue, going so far as to create signs, pass out flyers, and hire actors dressed in the burger joints' uniforms in NYC.  The effect was quite impressive - so much so that a representative from the corporate offices of In-N-Out had to release a statement today to extinguish the rumors. Not only did he say they are untrue, but that there is no future for In-N-Out ever coming to NYC.  Props to College Humor as they certainly accomplished what they set our to do and left a lot of  New Yorkers pretty disappointed. It was kind of a cruel joke and I do genuinely feel for those who were tricked into thinking they would soon get to enjoy those lovely little burgers at their leisure. Suckers!! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS.

    Go HERE to see who else was in on the prank.

    [Photo via CoreyTess]