The KFC Double Down Is Not Bad When Compared To...

by Emily Green · April 21, 2010

    Salads! That's right, the culinary abomination that is the Double Down, bacon and cheese sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken, has less fat, calories and sodium than the fast food salads out there for people who want to "eat light."  After a glance at the nutritional stats of large fast food chains, The Consumerist found 10 greater offenders than the 540 calorie Double Down. The following are the items you should probably stay away from if you're trying to avoid obesity and diabetes.  Each of these has fat, sodium and caloric values that exceed those of the Double Down (32g of fat, 1380mg of sodium):


    Triple Whopper: 1160 calories 76g fat 1170mg sodium

    Tendercrisp Garden Salad: 670 cals 45g fat 1740mg sodium

    Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich: 800 cals 46g fat 1640mg sodium

    Original Chicken Sandwich: 630 cals 39g fat 1390mg sodium


    Angus Mushroom & Swiss Burger: 770 cals 40g fat 1170mg sodium

    Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese: 740 cals 42g fat 1380mg sodium

    Chicken Selects 5-Piece with one packet of Buffalo Sauce: 720 cals 46g fat 2480mg sodium


    Chicken BLT Salad With Honey Dijon Dressing: 720 cals 51g fat 1540mg sodium

    Baconator Double: 980 cals 62g fat 1740mg sodium

    Southwest Taco Salad with ranch dressing and tortilla strips: 640 cals 36g fat 1590mg sodium

    We know, it's a bit of a blow, are you still with us? The only thing these "healthy" choices belong on is, and not on your diet. So what should we take away from this since we already know America is fat? Hopefully, it's that now when you hit up a fast food place you won't feel as guilty if you just order that burger or fried thing you wanted all along.

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