Boudoir Nightclub Closes 7 Months After Opening

by THEO HENDRIX · January 24, 2011

    In what might be a new record, The ONE Group's Boudoir nightclub in West Hollywood has quietly closed its doors only a little over seven months after its debut. So quietly, in fact, that the shutter has flown under the radar and gone unreported for over a week, its last night of operation being last Friday, January 14. Opened just last June, after Coco de Ville was put out of its misery, the STK-adjacent space got a fancy Parisian revamp and new name with the hopes of upping the ante on L.A.'s nightlife scene and becoming a celebrity haunt. Unfortunately, the club didn't have the legs to even be carried the full term of a pregnancy.

    Although closed to the public, Boudoir is still available for private events, so we suspect the reasons behind the shutter may be financial as it may not have been generating the cash flow needed to sustain a regular operation.

    Not that we thought the place would have the staying power of say, Teddy's, but we admit we did not see it coming. We're quite accustomed to the fast-paced merry-go-round of L.A. nightlife, but Boudoir's ride was the definitely the shortest we've seen yet. Even CDV was able to to stick around for two years and stay afloat on STK runoff for a while before biting the dust. Oh, well. No use crying over spilt Ed Hardy shirts and Bumpits. Just as quickly as it came and went, another will surely take its place. RIP Boudoir.