Bridge And Tunnel Exist In L.A.?!

by Rachelle Hruska · February 23, 2010

    "Oh come on." I said after hearing the manager of Bar Marmont tell us matter of factly two weeks ago that the weekends in L.A. were much like those in NYC - "They aren't as good, it's when the B&T come in." Excuse me? Did he really just use B&T? Where are the bridges? Where are the tunnels? Still, it made us smile. Now, I'm starting to get curious...

    The term B&T may work better in NYC, an island with actual bridges and tunnels veins as support lines. But the concept, I'm sure, still exists in LA, even though it merits a better term. So, what is the equivalent of B&T here? Who are the guidos? As you can see from several posts on our sister site, this is a topic we dont take lightly. Is the Valley going to be our new Jersey Shore?

    Please help us out...what is the Los Angeles equivilant of the NYC guido?

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