How To Dance Right With Blaqstarr, Paul Devro & Jillionaire

by guestofaguest · December 13, 2010

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    Mad Decent parties have been popping up all over the place since they made L.A. their new home. This time, Blaqstarr came out of hibernation (haven't seen him around since the block party) to join Paul Devro and Jillionaire for another hipsters' paradise dance party.

    It was a good choice on Blaqstarr's part to ditch Twitter for a bit and come out to Dance Right with his Mad Decent friends where La Cita was bumping to their beats and exploding with some righteous dance moves. But that's to be expected since sweet dance steps and downtown hipsters are staples of any Mad Decent rager. Check it out...

    Sexual healing.

    Some dominant hipster duds: the unecessary scarf and skinny jeans.

    Roll the dice...?

    The "dance like nobody's watching you" routine.

    Alternative girl with alternative moves.

    Oh hayy gurrrl!