Did Old Fashioned Thursdays At Hemingway's Observe The Traditions Of St. Patrick's Day?

by Emily Green · March 24, 2011

    We've explored and experienced first-hand what goes down on a typical Old Fashioned Thursday night at Hemingway's a couple of times, and found behavior like THIS and THIS. But last week, the throwdown served the extra special purpose of a St. Patrick's Day celebration. This being one of our favorite holidays, for it only asks that we 1) wear green, and 2) drink heavily, we were there along with The Cobrasnake to join in the festivities. As a generally unorthodox and irreverent sect of L.A. nightcrawlers, we were interested to see if the crowd would observe these two customs of the high holiday. Let's take a look...

    Custom #2 is covered and so is #1 with hand shamrock.

    Can't tell if that sequins is green or just reflecting her friend's top, but that sweater counts as holiday spirit just the same so she's covered on both counts.

    I don't like to make assumptions but I feel like it's okay to say she observing the holiday to the fullest extent.

    There had to have been limes involved with making all that Patron disappear, plus there's some green on that bottle so 1 & 2 have been met.

    Dancing on furniture + your friend has green on her dress so A+ for you both.

    She's Irish. Or at least that night she was Irish.

    Well done, ladies.

    The red wine out of a stemmed glass kind of classes up the traditional celebration, don't you think?

    Mark Hunter looks phenomenal in Lacoste. Just saying...

    Dan Regan is only half-Irish.

    And these individuals are obviously very religious and took things to the next level.

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    [All photos via TheCobrasnake]