Getting Weird At The (Bronson) Bar

by Emily Green · July 19, 2010

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    While many were out hitting the club to get crunk on Friday night, the kids who like to think they know better posted up at the darkly lit Hollywood watering hole known simply as The Bar. Such a moniker can understandably cause some confusion when sorting out the night's plans (à la My House), so it's often referred to as "Bronson Bar." But don't get it twisted, that's just a pet name.

    Friday's hold the bar's "Get Weird?" party, a promising option when eschewing the club scene that should meet your needs of going out without really going out. Guests who hit up the Sunset Blvd haunt, which made it on our 10 Hollywood Dives You Should Know About, enjoyed a night of cheap-ish cocktails and tunes courtesy of Zachary Rosencrantz a.k.a. DJ Zach and DJ Rockwell, as well as a set by the L.A. based band and local favorite, Warpaint.

    If curious about Getting Weird and you feel so inclined when Friday rolls around, don some plaid, anything from the 80s, and your post-post-post-ironic-est garb and people will be asking to bum one of your American Spirits in no time.