GofG Exclusive: NYC Nightlife Barons Paul Sevigny & Andre Saraiva Coming To Hollywood

by Emily Green · February 17, 2011

    Last week, when a little birdie told me NYC nightlife impresarios behind some of the city's hottest haunts, Paul Sevigny and Andre Saraiva, were making their foray into Hollywood, I was brimming with emotion at this exciting prospect. That's not something I'm proud of but if you've ever been to NYC's Don Hill's which Sevigny and others opened during Fall Fashion Week, or Beatrice Inn, a joint Sevigny-Saraiva effort, before it closed, then maybe you understand. The birdie sang like a canary in detail about the project, but we kept our big mouth shut and reserved celebrating the news until confirmation came in the form of an interview of Saraiva himself with NYC editor Mara Siegler...

    The chirpings of my birdie were true! Saraiva tells GofG that he and his Beatrice partner join forces again to open a club in the next few weeks at Hollywood and Ivar. The block has seen an extraordinary amount of activity in the last six months with the openings of Roxbury, Hemingway's, closing of Cinespace, and reopening as Dim Mak Studios. This buzzing tract of Hollywood Blvd will welcome one more destination for L.A. night-crawlers and midnight revelers with the arrival of the club they'll simply call Paul and Andre: Hollywood.  When asked what their upcoming west coast outpost would be like, Saraiva had this to say:

    Paul Sevigny, Andre Saraiva

    "Nice. I think it’s going to be something people are not used to seeing, at least in LA. It’s going to be like, let’s smoke cigarettes and get naked. Like that."

    Wow, we're just going to skip the requisite fluff about the concept and vision and cut to the chase? Look at that no bullshit NYC attitude; to the point, no time wasted. Okay, cool, we can definitely get down with that. Tell us more.

    "I want it to be free. No rules, no fame, no photos. It is a place where you can come and be free and do whatever you want. No show, no show at all."

    I can do whatever I want. No rules... How did he get in my head? Loving where this is going. And when Mara asks if it will be like someplace called The Box he replies,

    "You mean bankers and bottles and whores? No."

    Olivier Zahm, Paul Sevigny, Andre SaraivaUh oh, no whores. Bottles and bankers I can live without, but whores... Hmm, that cuts down my inner circle by at least half. Just kidding. Okay, half kidding. But back to that part about no rules and getting naked with cigarettes, that means there will be smoking inside?

    "Not inside, but it’s supposed to be outside. So you can smoke."

    Got it, okay cool thanks for clearing that up, I think I get it now. Wonder how Sevigny and Saraiva's NYC sensibility and style will translate here. Hopefully it isn't compromised by new surroundings and an inverse ratio of blonds to brunettes. L.A., I'm yours, but I can't say I wouldn't love to get a little downtown NYC flavor up in this.

    [Top photo of Andre Saraiva via; Sevigny/Saraiva photo via; Olivier Zahm, Paul Sevigny, Andre Saraiva photo via]