GofG L.A. Helps (No Subject) Launch riothouseREPLAY Thursdays

by Emily Green · November 22, 2010

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    Last week, we had the privilege of helping launch the new Thursday night attraction at Andaz West Hollywood's RH Bar, riothouseREPLAY, with our friends Chelsea Matthews and Jackie Johnson of (No Subject). Valida manned the decks for most of the night and killed it with some of our favorite jams like Bowie's "Modern Love" and The Clash's "The Magnificent Seven". She's def hired if we ever decide to have a bar mitzvah as long as she promises not to play anything from the Grease soundtrack.

    With RH Bar's fancy drinks (or Corona if you please) and bites served late, REPLAY is an excellent alternative to the club scene on a Thursday night and falls under our favored category of "going out without going out." Come check it out this week!