The LES Secret Boxing Club: You Do Not Talk About Fight Club!

by Ross Kenneth Urken · November 22, 2010

    As if skinny jeans weren't enough to unleash your inner-hipster fighting spirit. The Feast unearthed what it deems "an underground hipster boxing club" that hosts events in a derelict warehouse. The edgy scenario has the sort of collision of worlds that breeds a wild nightlife, so let's take a closer look...


    The warehouse at 72 Allen Street has been having these PBR-fueled-bashes intermittently throughout the past year as the true bashing happens within the ring.

    At an event The Feast's tipster attended on Friday, a crowd estimated near 1,000 consisted of an extremely gorgeous set, one whose beauty preempted any colloquial insults or bitter invective. The tipster wrote,

    "The girls are ridiculously hot, but all strung out looking model types, while the dudes are tatted up and would probably be labeled d-bags if they weren't so good looking too."

    The DJ apparently has a Girl Talk-style sampling and mixing gimmick going on, and the cops broke up the party around 1:30 in a nebulous nuage of la yerba. It has all the makings of excessive posturing of a cliched high school movie, but the still somehow the juxtaposition of these modish types and their renegade shenanigans and hipster-guerrilla antics stoke the embers of pride in the farthest depths of our nightlife connoisseurship.

    As for the down-low aspects of the cultish society, there's not quite a password used to attend the party but there is a clandestine element to spreading word of the event: attendees are provided with a cell phone number and asked to text a hashtagged message for further instructions. So channel your inner hush-hush beast, and pull no punches; these guys are taking speak easy to the next level.

    [Images via The Feast]