Guess The Hollywood Nightclub!

by guestofaguest · January 5, 2011

    For the degenerates like us who want to test their nightlife acumen, riddle me THIS: it's the type of place you go on a night you really want to go out. Or bro out. Or both. This Hollywood destination gives all the boys and girls a place to beat up that beat and pop bottles into the wee hours. To complete the vibe, it also features go-go dancers busting moves atop the bar. Probably directly overhead as you order a drink.

    Oh wait, that pretty much describes every nightclub along Hollywood, La Cienega and Las Palmas, so we'll offer you this final hint: if someone there asks "did you just grab my ass?", it would totally make sense. Do you know which Hollywood club we're talking about...?

    Find out HERE.