Subterranean New York: A Scandalous, Perilous Journey Under The City

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 4, 2011

    You thought you knew New York's underground, because you once had drinks at Please Don't Tell, that speakeasy fronted by Crif Dogs.  Director Andrew Wonder, by contrast, has another definition in chronicling renegade Steve Duncan in his descent into the labyrinths of the subway system. As Urlesque reports, "urban explorer" Duncan wanders through the subway underbelly without consent from the New York City Transit Authority. Here's dude with a serious recalcitrant instinct.

    Upon beginning his search, he warns:

    "The first think you watch out for is not hitting the third rail...The next thing you watch out for is not to be run over by trains. Now the third thing to watch out for is not to be seen. And then the fourth thing to watch out for is the motion detector."

    Check out the video here:

    UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.