Hang The DJ's Vs. Mucho Fashion Show Dance Party: A Pre-Fashion Week Warmup

by guestofaguest · March 7, 2011

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    One way ease us into the upcoming L.A. Fashion Week (which is admittedly not this city's forte) is with hybrid fashion events. You know, like before jumping into full-throttle fashion shows, warm Angelenos up with something they're a bit more comfortable with and used to, like say, all-night dance parties.

    Saturday night, we saw this method in action at the Hang The DJ's vs. Mucho Fashion Show Dance Party at KGB gallery. Don't call it a rave; this was an all-night DANCE PARTY featuring a live portraiture station, a performance by local artist NAR, and a midnight fashion show by Stitches and Applesauce Kawaii Couture. The bar and DJ sets from Total Freedom, Waldo Rules, Aaron Castle and Pump Police certainly helped loosen up the crowd for the runway show and hopefully prepared L.A. somewhat for week packed with fashion shows and style-centric events.