Having A Boys Night Out At Dance Right

by Zoe Brunn · February 8, 2011

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    Usually packed with patron of all kinds, last week's Dance Right at La Cita, seemed like one giant boys night out. Where were the ladies at?!

    Dance Right is known for bringing electric DJ sets and a dance-fiend crowds to its weekly throwdown. Whether you're chilling in a booth or dancing 'til it hurts, it's an ideal pre-weekend night to blow off steam. But last week it seems to have also been a great facilitator in blossoming bromances.  Guys ditched their gals for some dude time partying with Sammy Bananas, Munchi and Hoff.

    The ladies that showed held it down for sure despite the disproportionate representation of L.A.'s nightcrawling singles population. But that didn't seem to matter much to the boys. Who needs chicks when you have Jack Daniels and music to make you and your bros sweat, right?