NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Tuesday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 8, 2011

    Prince William's very own nightlife impresario impresses, Mars Bar has its last hurrah, and "Bridge & Tunnel" hits a road block. Danielle Staub hosts a party, and old fogies like cocaine. Here's the down-low on nightlife for today. Get in the know!

    1) Guy Pelly, Head Of London Club Public, Is The "Ringmaster" Of The Royal Bachelor Party [NYT]

    The 29-year-old is not only one of the England's most connected men as far as the royals are concerned, but he's also a nightlife impresario:

    "Guy Pelly, said to be the best friend of Prince William and Prince Harry, may be best known for his regular appearances in the British tabloids and his all-night drink-athons with the royal brothers. But on this night he was all business as he showed off Public, his newly opened nightclub in the Chelsea borough of London."

    Apparently a VIP room has a 550 pound minimum per table and guests indulge in $1,600 jeroboams of champagne.

    2. Former Goldman Intern Gets To Be A Playboy Bunny [Bloomberg via NetNet]

    Speaking of England, check out this news from across the Pond.

    "Judy Joo, a former Goldman intern and Morgan Stanley derivatives saleswoman, will be the executive chef of the Dining Room, the ground floor restaurant at London's new Playboy club."

    Our guess, though, is it's not all about the food.

    3.Old Staff of Mars Bar Reunites for Closing Party [Nadie Se Conoce]

    Mars Bar, the LES down-homes saloon joint, announced its closing in December, as gentrification and high rents made it difficult to stay afloat as a dive. But it wouldn't go out with one final swan song this week.

    4. "Bridge & Tunnel" Crowd Gets Stymied [NY Post]

    [Image via NY Daily News]

    Sick of the Bridge and Tunnel crowd from Staten Island and Jersey ruining your club vibe? Wish there weren't a train from Secaucus or an easy ferry trip from SI?

    Now, at least, you won't have to deal with the TV show "Bridge & Tunnel"--a Staten Island version of the Jersey Shore--which landed on the cutting room floor this week.

    "Staten Island's answer to 'Jersey Shore' will have to wait. After sitting for months on a filmed, produced and edited reality show titled 'Bridge & Tunnel'--based on  a rowdy crew from Staten Island who just want to make it in Manhattan--MTV has finally decided to can the project."

    The show has been described as something of a hybrid between "The Hills" and "The City" but with the guido-esque characters that populate Jersey Shore.

    5. Danielle Staub Throws It Down At Greenhouse Tonight [@NY Nightlife]

    The Real House Wife will host her party from 9-12, and afterward, DJ Clue and DJ Suss One will rock the party afterward.

    6. A "Gun-Toting Bandit" Stole $1,000 From the Blarney Cove [Ev Grieve via Young Manhattanite]

    "From today's NYPD Daily Blotter in the Post (not yet online): A 'gun-toting bandit' made off with about $1,000 after robbing the Blarney Cove on East 14th Street. The report doesn't say what day this happened, only that it was at 4:30 a.m. 'He ordered the bartender to the back, stole cash from a register and fled, according to the report."

    He left screaming, "This down isn't big enough for the both of us."

    7. Some People Will Sniff A Little Candy At Any Age. Old Druggies? [Vanity Fair]

    "At a recent Christmas party in December, I watched a close friend of mine re-enact a depraved but funny maneuver he had seen an elderly man perform earlier that evening. Using both his index and middle fingers, he pulled up the tip of his nose to give me a clear view of the base of his nostrils and said, 'This is a furnace. It needs wood.' The gesture and the words, he explained, were a veteran cocaine user's way of expressing his urgent need for some additional holiday cheer."

    That there is just a brief intimation of how the geriatric set gets freaky with cocaine. Turns out fogies are partying the hardest!

    That's all I have today in my nightlife round-up. Have a suggestion for tomorrow's list? Email me at