Hemingway's Is So Fuego For Cinco De Mayo

by THEO HENDRIX · May 6, 2011

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    If you observed the holiday, you probably don't need to be reminded that yesterday was Cinco de Mayo thanks to that bitchin' hangover you're feeling right now as a souvenir from last night's escapades. Let's take a look at how Hemingway's, where holidays of all cultures of the world are embraced, set that mother off for the occasion. ¡Vamos!

    As was the case with St. Patrick's day, Cinco De Mayo gave us another opportunity to express our appreciation of the Mexican culture the best way we know how: by getting hammered at Hemingway's. Except this time on tequila instead of green beer. Alex topped off cocktails and Patron shots like lightning while our main man Will Crimes kept the beats rolling and set the place on fuego. Hopefully a hangover from Hell is the only thing getting you down about having a really, really good time while being a true citizen of the world last night and you didn't leave behind any personal effects, like say, your WALLET, like a certain someone....