How Was Hemingway's Left Off A List Of Literature-Themed L.A. Bars...?

by Emily Green · January 11, 2011

    When Styleture noted the recent L.A. trend in a union of books and bars with a list of establishments to illustrate their point, we were downright shocked at the omission of two obvious spots, one of which is one of our new favorite hangouts: HEMINGWAY'S... Yoohoo?!! As in Ernest, the great American writer and journalist after whom the bar is named and themed.

    How a new nighttime haunt with such an overt, deliberate reference to a literary giant, not to mention also happens to be decorated like a LIBRARY—literally walls lined with books up to the ceiling—could be somehow overlooked is beyond us. Not to beat a dead horse, but the names of all the drinks on the specials menu are titles of his works... The literature/library theme couldn't be more palpable if homely, bun-wearing waitresses with some mighty FUPA walked around shushing everyone.

    [See more photos of Hemingway's HERE, HERE and HERE!]

    Also noticeably absent from the list is the little watering hole off the side of the Roosevelt lobby with the fancy drinks. You know, that place LIBRARY BAR? Dear, Styleture: Google is your friend.

    [See more photos of Library Bar HERE!]

    Oh well, maybe these two were left off the list to make room for SBE's XIV. Yes, XIV, the site of summer's Sunday afternoon drunken petting zoo where the animals pop bottles, made the list. Mmm hmm... yes, makes so much sense, doesn't it? Especially if Styleture's list also pertains to a marked level of illiteracy amongst patrons. OH SNAP.

    [Top photo of Hemingways bookshelf by Steven Meiers]