Hugh Hefner's Neighbors Are Shocked He Throws Parties At Playboy Mansion

by BILLY GRAY · February 25, 2010

    People living near Hugh Hefner's storied Playboy Mansion either just emerged from a a 40-year coma or have missed out on the Peabody Award-winning The Girls Next Door. Because the parties that everyone and his grandma knows take place on the grounds have just come under fire.

    LA Weekly notes that a "Venetian carnival" theme party taking place at the Mansion this Saturday is not sitting well with the locals. The "Kandy Masquerade" bash is modeled after a rave (I told ya they were making a comeback!), with megastar DJ Paul Oakenfold providing the beats and lingerie-clad Playmates enabling the carousing cheats.

    Journalists and the authorities have tried to dig up dirt in an attempt to shut down the 5.5 acre compound's non-stop parties. But everything has come up daisies for Playboy Enterprises:

    "A Los Angeles Business Journal look at the mansion's parties in 2003 stated that resident Hugh Hefner requires about a $40,000 donation to a charity of his choice in order to have a party at the residence."


    "Following up on neighbors' complaints, the Los Angeles City Council inspected the property and declared that it was not, in fact, an illegal business."

    I say Hef's neighbors should quit grousing and hone their fence-jumping skills. Because people will likely be getting blotto in the grotto for as long as the iconic geezer sticks around and, miraculously, keeps it up.