"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Silver Lining Society's Winter Gala

by Chiara Atik · February 25, 2010

    The Silver Lining Society, which supports the Children's Cancer Fund, held their annual Winter Gala at LQ last Saturday. The sobering topic did little to dampen the spirits of the guests, who hit both the bar and the dance floor with aplomb. Oh, and there was a step team.-

    Charity Ball organizers take note: nothing livens up your black tie gala more than five girls in spandex and sneakers dancing in sync!

    Other things to notice while scrolling through the pictures: The prevalence of purple, everywhere, and the woman with the long, black leather gloves who looks like she should play a plotting Stepmother in a soap opera. Wouldn't you love to drink whiskey with her?

    [All photos via KirillWasHere]