Kenmare In Trouble With The SLA Before It Even Opens

by BILLY GRAY · February 24, 2010

    Kenmare co-owners Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan insist their Little Italy newcomer is not the new Beatrice Inn and is a restaurant. But the vigilant buzzkills at the State Liquor Authority are not convinced, with one rep saying he's "paying close attention" to the hangout, just as it prepares to open.

    The SLA approved Kenmare's liquor license back in early February, but under the terms that it would operate as a restaurant and close at midnight. Photos of various Fashion Week shindigs (courtesy of PMc) that served as previews for the venue apparently indicated otherwise. Same with a basement lounge, complete with DJ, whose scenester patrons wouldn't dream of showing up at a spot like it before 2am.

    Recalling the unhappy neighbors that helped seal Beatrice's fate, a man living upstairs from Kenmare called its manager to complain about loud late night music. Not a good sign.

    Here's what SLA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Michael Jones had to say to the Daily News:

    "We are paying close attention to them. They are supposed to be operating as a restaurant."

    Local Community Board (CB2) member Jo Hamilton chimed in, and had the gall to complain about Mick Jagger busting a geriatric move in her 'hood:

    "When you read in a blog that Mick Jagger is dancing, it is illegal in that location."

    Luckily, Kenmare does have its culinary credentials in place, with Little Owl alum Joey Campanaro prepping his menu and waiters as the SLA and CB2 get their knickers in a twist.

    Hopefully, the chef's trademark meatball sliders will save Kenmare from sliding into oblivion.



    Photo 1: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

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