L.A. Dips Into Nightswim! At The Tropicana

by Lisa Wojcik · July 2, 2010

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    Scenesters and DJ's collaborated for a night of fresh beats, poolside lounging, and floaties at the weekly Nightswim!, hosted at the Roosevelt's Tropicana Bar last night. Once past the tightly guarded door, protected by the black lace-wearing door girl (no clipboard involved, she knew who belonged), party goers were eased back into a comfortable scene with booze, palms trees twinkling with christmas lights, and Shamu.

    With iSHOWMYSELF spinning in the background, skinny boys stripped down to their short short skivvies for some good night swimming. A few girls braved the dude fest and hopped in the heated pool filled with floaties and toys.

    The night also served as a listening party for the new album of the stylish sound makers and native Angeleno band, The Like. Another display of musical deftness was Clark Duke, donning a lei as he discreetly took the reins of the DJ booth.

    Whether you were cozied up to a patio heater, taking a dip, feeling the jams, or chatting up Aziz Ansari, Tropicana's Nightswim! proved for the fourth time this summer to be a top destination for Thursday night thrills.