Stripping, PBR Tallboys & A Birthday At Bardot

by THEO HENDRIX · July 2, 2010

    BJ Panda Bear

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    Wednesday night, things got extra wild (read: people got naked) at Bardot's weekly La Boum party. Many of the usual suspects and scenesters were there in full force but the night had a special twist, doubling as the birthday celebration of one of its hosts (and our favorite L.A. party boy), BJ Panda Bear, who debuted his highly anticipated musical act, BJ Panda Bear & Nico.

    The evening started out on a mellow tip, with guests chatting and sipping on Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys, save for one individual who started drinking way too early. But the night took a turn for the outrageous when the musical acts took the floor. Natasha Roozrokh a.k.a. NAR opened for the birthday boy, until it was time for him shine. He and his co-star, Nico appeared in front of the crowd in black ensembles and some special tribal makeup. After all, nothing says birthday party like neon face paint! While performing, guests in the audience could not contain their excitement for the sex appeal that rocked their world...

    Natasha Roozrokh, Peaches Gelof, BJ Panda Bear Peaches Geldof and NAR rushed to BJ and started pawing at his duds as he wowed the crowd.

    Peaches Geldof, BJ Panda Bear, Jonny Makeup Jonny Makeup got so excited that he stripped down to his purple tighty-whities and charged BJ to rip his clothes off!

    When it was all over, the crowd broke out into a funky dance party, courtesy of jams by Myles Hendrik.