Paris Loves L.A. Brings Bardot + Gainsbourg Heat To The Writers Room Live Music Wednesdays Relaunch

by Hallory Sindelar · July 20, 2012

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    The storied '60s love affair between French singer Serge Gainsbourg and French fashion model, singer, and actress Brigitte Bardot was one of fiery romance and intense passion, prominent elements of the vibe at The Writers Room's Sacré Soirée lent by Paris Loves L.A.'s performance for the relaunch of the lounge's live music Wednesday nights.

    The venue's entrance in the middle of a parking lot behind the chaos of Hollywood Blvd would leave much to be desired for unknowing rookie patrons approaching. But the less than glamorous entry only adds to the surprise of sophistication and swank you'll discover once past The Writers Room's velvet rope. The moody lighting, plush antique and exotic decor, and fancy cocktails make it feel like Hollywood's hidden gem and an ideal place to enjoy some saucy intimate live music. Especially in the case of Wednesday's Sacré Soirée with Paris Loves L.A., a musical tribute to the famed Gainsbourg-Bardot affair.

    The sultry cabaret show starring songstress Adele Jacques and singer/pianist Russell Rinker transported the audience to 1960s Paris with its intoxicating renditions of "Bonnie & Clyde" and Jasques' sex-infused stage presence backed by the jazz band. There we even a few crowd-pleasing encores to round out the evening.

    If this week's Sacré Soirée is any indication, expect some truly spicy but sophisticated evenings featuring new lounge entertainment to look forward to with the return of The Writers Room's live music Wednesday nights.