Party Hopping On A Saturday Night In Los Angeles

by NED HEPBURN · March 9, 2010

    "Party hopping on a Saturday night in Los Angeles" conjures up images of lycra clad American Apparel models falling out of a taxi in front of a West Hollywood nightclub, their eyes like piss holes in the snow from one too many vodka-cranberries, their tiny waists swaying in the streetlight as they amble past the velvet rope into the third bar of the night.

    It might also conjure up images of an older Hollywood, dining at a dimly lit restaurant in Bel Air before tucking into a dessert replete with 24karat gold leaf designs, spending the better half of a regular Angeleno's rent payment on a single meal.

    Sadly, we are neither of those, and we set off in a 1991 Toyota Corrola with a broken side mirror and head to Japantown, where we arrive at what by day is a semi popular fish restaurant. "Senor Fish" is probably the worst name for a club ever, and even the most untrained eye can tell that little effort has been made to shove the chair and tables aside in place of the band. There's about 5 bands here for the Hear Gallery show, which takes place in the larger of two rooms due to an overbooking. The bands are passable and the crowd seems to meander around each other. Shit, even the people at the bar seem bored. I know the promoters at Hear Gallery, who usually throw great parties. This, however, doesn't seem to cut it.

    After stopping at Romaine and Western for some delicious street tacos we make it over to 2HeadedHorse for Mahssa's "Cureation" night - an homage to 60's psychedelic. It's packed all the way to the back by dudes wearing cool jackets and beards and you can see your reflection of everybody looking at your shoes as you walk in. Mahssa is a wonderful dj and a beautiful petite brunette with a keen ear for deep cuts and it's no surprise that superstar Cut Chemist is in attendance and appears to be having a fun time bopping to the psych-rock coming out of the speakers at an ear-splitting volume....

    [West Hollywood: A Saturday Night In Review]