Partying With Hanson At Bardot's LA BOUM

by Emily Green · June 11, 2010

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    Wednesday night, Bardot's weekly LA BOUM party had a very special guest performance by HANSON. Yes, that Hanson! They are so hot right now, didn't you know? The night was an epic rager and the band of brothers had the crowd of scenesters, indies and trendwhores dancing and singing along like giddy, carefree 12-year-old girls.

    Little Zac all growed up!

    They brought the house down with old classics like "Where's The Love," "Weird" and of course "Mmmbop" as well as some new stuff, and proved they still have it and can electrify an audience just like when they were little weenagers with long blond hair.

    Someone kept her Hanson fan club membership card from 10+ years ago. That's OG status.

    BJ Panda Bear, Peaches Geldof BJ Panda Bear, Peaches Geldof

    Sure, for a while most of partiers probably denied ever liking the band or owning Middle Of Nowhere, but you know they all made their mom's take them to buy the album so they could go home and play it incessantly on their discmans. Not anymore; this crowd proudly acknowledged their excitement and fully embraced the blast from the past after LA BOUM's host, Ana Calderon, introduced them on stage.

    BJ Panda Bear, Ana Calderon, Har Mar Superstar BJ Panda Bear, Ana Calderon, Har Mar Superstar

    After the performance the party continued as everyone hit the dancefloor for a rage-a-thon to Michael Jackson's "PYT" and The Beatles' "Obladi Oblada" courtesy of DJ Myles Hendrik.