Promoters, Please Stop Being So Sleazy

by guestofaguest · November 4, 2010

    Dear club promoters,

    It was cool meeting you that one time (or maybe we just pretended it was so we'd be on the list/wanted a table) but that was two years ago.  Your random and transparent texts are creepy. For example, the following is an actual conversation we had with one of you this week, transcribed:

    - -

    Promoter: Yo yo. U alive?

    GofG L.A. Recipient: Ha, yes, barely.

    Promoter: I'll be at _______ later if your looking for some trouble..ha.

    GofG L.A. Recipient: I'm not, but what's happening there tonight?

    Promoter: I put the party on there mondays. Sexy thing.

    At this point in the conversation, we couldn't stomach humoring Promoter with a response and felt like we needed to take a shower right away. I mean, there's only so much sensitivity to the male ego we can spare. And do you hear yourself, "sexy thing"? Are you serious? PS: it's "you're"...

    As in, you're like herpes: once we make contact, you never go away: you flare up every once in a while, you make us feel dirty, and you're embarrassing.  So please, spare yourself, and us the second hand embarrassment and stop blasting out your sleazy text messages to come to your party or night at a club. Thanks.


    Gossip Girl

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