Raving Downtown With Making Shapes

by guestofaguest · July 12, 2010

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    Friday night, ravers and DJs collaborated to debut L.A.'s newest rave/pool party, Making Shapes.  Keeping location top secret, hopeful making shapers dialed into a hotline at 9pm to find out where to meet the shuttle that would transport them to their night of music and mayhem. Droves decked in colorful ensembles (no doubt much to the credit of American Apparel) eagerly disembarked the shuttle to a downtown warehouse where an all-night rave and beat-bumping marathon awaited them.

    Har Mar Superstar

    With sets from Thomas of Rub n Tug NYC and TK Disko in one room, and Paul Devro, Dirty Dave, Blu Jemz, and Goddollars in another, the crowd kept it rolling until 7am the next day.  A heated pool provided guests with a much needed dance break for a dip and even more debauchery, complete with pony floats and neon pool toys.

    After a long night of dancing and swimming, among other things, Making Shapes left the elated crowd with something to look forward to, promising a part two soon to come.